Waterfront District Blue World City

A prodigious neighbourhood, Blue World City Islamabad combines serenely, sophistication, splendour, and exhilarating activities.   The Waterfront district offers top-tier properties for sale with a peaceful setting and cutting-edge infrastructure. However, the society’s focal point, the Water Front District, has situated 2 to 4 kilometres from the Blue World City’s Gate and serves as the real winner.

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Onwers and developers

Developers are unwavering about establishing a space that assures stockholders’ requirements for an environment to settle and makes it simple for them to use the high-in refined. The creators are also working with a Chinese business. Both have expertise in creating first-rate infrastructure that will raise everyone’s livelihood. Shareholders have faith in the developers’ excellent work due.

NOC Status

RDA will accept the NOC shortly for the Blue World City Waterfront District Block because the project is legitimate and legal. However, the idea first received initial permission to build 427 Kanals of land. Later, the society management submitted a different application to the officials, and as a result, the residential venture NOC status assigned to societies is still in process.

Location and Map

The siting of Blue World City Waterfront District is crucial since it will permit the inhabitants to take advantage of the mesmerizing sights of the nearby water features. The Islamabad and Rawalpindi central hubs make it simple to get to the block. The waterfront district can be reachable directly from Motorway M2 and Chakri junction.

Accessible site

The Waterfront district is within reach of different zones, which are as follows

  • International Airport Islamabad (New)
  • Chakri junction
  • Kashmir Main Highway
  • Motorway M2 (LHR-ISB)

Property available

Blue World City Waterfront District Block’s properties are delightfully sized and have positioned in the prominent neighbourhood for residential development. Waterfront district is the picture of a fantasy world where the sun shines on the deep blue water every day, waking you up, and every dusk, the swirling fountains’ pace and brightness make the scenery stunning. According to the most recent reports, Blue World City’s Waterfront Block sells properties 6, 12, and 18 Marlas.

Significant aspects of the Waterfront district

  • Twirling cascades
  • Floating eateries
  • Top-notch architecture
  • Water Belt
  • Cinemas
  • Food street adjacent to the waterside
  • Water sport clubs
  • Shopping Malls
  • Beautiful side walk

Amenities in the Waterfront district

 First, investments in the Waterfront district will benefit and thrive in the long run. The management of the block offers many amenities for its residents.

Basic utilities

The architects are there to create the best environment and meet the living needs of the housing project. And there will be a configuration for power, water, and gas supply to help everyone achieve a long-term, pleasant existence. The availability of these facilities encompassing is maybe the most important. Residing here will establish a benchmark for a wholesome lifestyle.

Flexible Payment  Plan

There are dependable houses that are reasonably priced.  Another factor for the architects is the residential cash flow sustainability. Furthermore, the neighbourhood is there to protect the landowners and meet their housing needs. The most commendable aspect is that there would be a payment strategy to make the buying procedure more straightforward. The investors must deposit to start the investment. Therefore, this venture will become the preferred residential option for future residents.

Educational Institutions

Additionally, the architects offer high-quality home enhancement projects that will boost living standards at affordable prices. Numerous institutes and universities will also be available to help obtain an upper education. The facility will impose reasonable fees. The program must comply with global standards. So, to live an elevated lifestyle, investment is required.

Healthcare services

The residential areas, primarily the Waterfront district, will ensure everyone can access the most acceptable medical treatment available. And that will boost the likelihood of receiving top-notch hospital services and improve the quality of life. Therefore, this block will be necessary to deliver adequate hospital attention constantly.

Playgrounds and Parks

The shareholders will enjoy the best living conditions. People will also adopt healthier habits to raise their living levels. Before buying a house, owners also place the most significant importance on their wellness. And this residence programme is there to help promote fitness goals. Finally, investing here won’t fulfil the investor’s expectations.


Residents will also choose to pursue their religious goals beyond their front doors. Additionally, the architecture will be top-notch, allowing potential inhabitants to carry out their spiritual responsibilities better. Creating a higher quality of life here at reasonable prices should be done immediately.


The Waterfront neighbourhood of Blue World City offers the most modern and luxurious interior environment that is also easily affordable. The builder also plans to offer the houses at fair prices to residents. The housing enterprise provides several advantages and conveniences. Investors may also enjoy a privileged life at a meagre cost. Most importantly, a payment schedule will improve everyone’s quality of life, especially investors.

Excellent features and facilities are present on the plots and properties. Because it will be economical and a great area to live in for investors, investing in the waterfront district will be the best choice for everyone.