New Metro City Gujar Khan is an addition to the real estate industry in Pakistan. Moreover, the best aspect of this housing scheme is the facilities it has to offer to all the future residents. After the success of New Metro City Kharaian, the developers are expanding their business to the next level. And the prices are also thought to be affordable, which will ensure that most people will invest here. Moreover, the instalment plan will also facilitate the buyers in making a dream investment here. Lastly, the details of these exceptional residential projects are as follows:

Owners and Developers

The BSM Builder develops the housing scheme. Moreover, the developers are known for the excellence of work. Furthermore, Mr Bilal Bashir Malik is the owner of this housing scheme. The owners’ family has been in the field in past years. Most importantly, they have a team of professionals and experts working diligently to create a lucrative residential project for all the future residents. Therefore, the investors trust the owners and developers for the outclass work. And would love to invest here to make a sustainable real estate investment.

NOC Status

The Tehsil Municipal Authority has issued the legal status to the residential project, and the other authorities will soon grant them legal status to this magnificent real estate project. Moreover, 16000 Kanal area is available for the housing scheme, and soon more land will be a part of this endeavour. Moreover, because of the developer’s name, investors have trust and confidence in this investment. Therefore, it is advisable to invest here for a better future and sustainable lifestyle.


The site is a significant aspect of this new residential project. And that also attracts most investors to make a long-term investment. Moreover, the project is on the main GT Road. And also highly accessible from the Punjab College of Gujar Khan, Islamabad-Rawalpindi Line, Tehsil Head Quarters, and The Mall of Gujar Khan. It is also vital that all investors look at the approachability of the housing scheme as we know that investing in a residential endeavour is not every day. Therefore, wise and thorough research is mandatory before making a real estate investment.

Payment Plans

The housing society is still in the initial stages. Therefore, the prices of all the properties will be available soon. However, the pre-launch rates give us an idea that all the properties available here are in the range of most people. The best aspect is the instalment provision that offers the best buying experience. Moreover, the prices range from PKR 1,990,000/- to PKR 6,990,000/-. Therefore, investing here right away will be the best and most profitable decision.

Master Plan

The master plan for the New Metro City Gujar Khan has not yet been made public by BSM Builders. However, based on a prior project in Kharian, the program has been projected to be all-inclusive, with specialized dwelling units constructed around the region and a significant commercial centre for corporate activities. In addition, for the people’s comfort, the New Metro City has main boulevards, family gardens, amusement parks, historical monuments, shopping malls, theme parks, an education zone, a healthcare zone, accessible road networks, mosques, and a cemetery.

Residential Block

Because a sizable amount of the land was set aside for private residences, the builders take the opportunity to design residential plots that are equally acceptable for asset allocation. Additionally, several plot sizes ranging from 5, 7, 10, and 1 Kanal are here to satisfy the demands of various population groups. The following blocks make up the residential blocks. Lastly, it includes several blocks like overseas, commercial, and residential.

Commercial Block

There is a business area within the boundaries of a housing complex. As a result, it enables residents to fulfil their fundamental requirements without regularly leaving the site. Furthermore, commercial plots with premium facilities in multiple sizes—3, 4, and 8 Marlas—will also be made available to promote the effective operation of various retail enterprises and businesses.

Development Status

Regarding Gujar Khan, since New Metro City is a brand-new housing society, no significant development efforts are currently in progress. Therefore, even though the project site has undergone some backfilling and the company has started moving its personnel and equipment there, full-scale development won’t begin until after the official announcement. The credit for finishing all their projects on schedule belongs to the builders. We thus anticipate the same level of development quality and service in New Metro City Gujar Khan.


The Makers pay special attention to constructing a home project favourable to investment and performance. The project’s closeness to Rawalpindi and Islamabad will eventually increase its convenience and worth. The designers of New Metro City recognize the value of living well. Moreover, the total land area has been set aside for vegetation, parks, and open spaces. And this will give residents a healthier atmosphere to make society more ecologically friendly. New Metropolitan City, a walled town, has a boundary wall around the property that fully secures it. Lastly, out of several features, the best facilities available here are as follows:

  • Availability of all Basic
  • Affordability
  • Schools and Colleges
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme
  • Ideal Location
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Commercial Area
  • Parking Area
  • Community Centers
  • Grand Mosque
  • Cemetry
  • Sports Complex
  • Adequate Drainage System

How to book Plot here?

Bookings will start practising immediately for the new Metro City Gujar Khan. Because of the growing demands for this property, you may pre-book your allotment before the firm publishes booking forms, saving you from having to pay a profit in addition to the down payment—lastly, The mandatory documents for booking.

  • CNIC Copy
  • Next to Kin’s ID card Copy
  • Down Payment


 A proposed home development by BSM Builders, New Metro City Gujar Khan, attracts potential residents and investors from the twin cities. Because of the high development standards and fast delivery of their previous projects, which reflect their expertise and dedication, we can safely proceed with this housing project. Although the pre-launch pricing is relatively reasonable, it will likely alter very soon. As a result, those that invest now will undoubtedly get a speedy return on their money. Check back frequently for official updates, as we’ll provide more details on New Metro City Gujar Khan as soon as they become available.


Q1. How does New Metro City Gujar Khan set it apart from other developments?

The housing scheme will offer the residents will have a unique style of life at an affordable price. A team of experts, constructors, and other staff members with years of expertise have given it their complete attention throughout the production process.

Q2. Is this a legal residential project?

The TMA has offered approval to the housing society.

Q3. Is this new housing project reasonable?

Absolutely, because of the specific New Metro City Gujar Khan instalment timetables. The business was crucial in achieving a balance between expense and magnificence.

Q4. Who is developing this housing scheme?

The BSM Builder develops the housing scheme

Q5. Is the location appropriate?

The outclass housing project is at the main GT Road. And also highly accessible from the Punjab College of Gujar Khan, Islamabad-Rawalpindi Line, Tehsil Head Quarters, and The Mall of Gujar Khan

Q6. Is investment here profitable?

The best facilities are available here that will ensure a sustainable living environment. Therefore, investing here will be profitable.