Beautiful construction in the centre of Islamabad Near the Fateh Jang Interchange on Motorway M-1, and the central Fateh Jang Road, lies a lovely housing development called “Faisal Town.” Furthermore, it is in the F-18 area in Islamabad. This home complex is state-of-the-art, with world-class amenities and breathtaking vistas of the Margalla Hills. It is a housing endeavour that has been entirely built and features modern facilities, a prime location, and premium standards construction.

Owners and Developers

Zedem International Private Limited is developing the residing space, and Chaudhry Abdul Majeed is the proprietor. He is the former chairman of MPCHS, the company behind the Faisal Town development. Abdul Majeed is a well-known figure in the local property market in Islamabad, and he is known for his well-produced home projects, including E-11, F-17, and B-17.

In Pakistani real estate, Zedem International is a reputable name. It has numerous ongoing projects in multiple Pakistani locations. Faisal Hills and Faisal Residencia are some of the most prestigious projects that this group has successfully created. With modern architecture, all of these projects maintain a higher level of life, contributing to the builders’ achievement.

NOC Approval

Even though Faisal Town 2 is in Islamabad’s F-18 area, the RDA is still in charge of it and has given it the go-ahead for a NOC. Furthermore, the trust factor is here because the developers have made the investment more reliable because of its legality. And here are the legal proofs and numbers that will give confidence to all investors and future residents.

  • RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-TAX-02/966
  • DD (EIA)/EPA/F-65(IEE)/2802/2014/579



The Faisal Town 2 development is near the Fateh Jang Interchange on the main Fatehjang-Kohat Road. The N-5 GT Road and the Latest Islamabad International Airport may be reached in under 10 minutes by car. The neighbouring Kashmir Highway and Margalla Avenue also offer rapid access to the city. It is in Islamabad’s sector F-18. But following the RDA’s approval of the NOC, it is now RDA-governed.

Payment Plan

The Faisal Town properties are available on payable instalments and at reasonable rates. Properties measuring 5, 8, 10, 14, and 1 Kanal are accessible in the society’s residential complexes. The community also provides commercial parcels of land of 50 by 90 in addition to residential plots. There are also numerous categories of residences available.

Only a few files with instalments remain in block C for resale, and new bookings are currently closed. In block A, possession generally has available. Additionally, plot owners in block B are free to take control whenever they want. The majority of block C is ready for use.

Master Plan

With only three blocks—A, B, and C—Faisal Town Islamabad is a minimal housing development. However, the product shown in these blocks is of a high grade, and the residential homes, villas, and commercial spaces are highly sought after by both investors and developers.

Residential Properties

The Faisal Town 2 will offer to outclass living spaces for all investors and residents. Moreover, developers are willing to create a lucrative environment with high-class living standards. But, most importantly, several dimensions will be part of the residing space that will increase the worth of living. And it also helps in fulfilling the family’s needs and preferences by achieving sustainable living goals and standards.

Commercial Properties

The commercial hub will also increase living standards. Moreover, the dimension available will help to achieve and start several business startups. Furthermore, the developer’s ideal is to help future investors create different endeavours and gain financial stability. And the other relevant details and information will be available soon. Therefore, the latest living space will attract investors to make long-term investments.

Development Status

The best investment opportunity to have in the vicinity of twin cities will be the ideal and sustainable investment. Moreover, in two years, the project has seen tremendous growth, investment gains, and benefits. Residential apartment buildings and business plazas are now building. Block A is accessible for ownership, and Block C is developing immediately. And the documents for plots in all these sections are on the market with a rewarding gain.

Features and Facilities

Faisal town Islamabad will provide excellent and lucrative facilities to all, and these ate the best of them.

Eco-Friendly Housing Project

The setting will enable investors to lead the healthiest and most tranquil lives. Moreover, to make the housing complex greener and lessen the impact of climate change on the nation, the plantation will begin. But more significantly, the developers will adhere to the international building standards of the community, which will raise the value of living in and making investments in the community.

Access to all Essentials

All investors will enjoy a higher standard of living thanks to the community’s electricity, gas, and water provision. Additionally, the neighbourhood will feature filtration facilities that will improve investors’ living standards. However, the most crucial aspect is that these functionalities will be available on customers’ doorsteps at low prices.

Premium-Quality Architecture

The developer’s top concern is creating wholesome and sustainable living conditions for investors and inhabitants. Premium quality architecture, particularly for commercial settings, is essential to the expansion of any corporate operation. Living quarters will also improve the general buying and purchasing experience. Investors are primarily interested in the architectural features that will enable them to find profitable investment and habitation options.

Secured Gated Community

All investors can invest in a highly secure and tranquil environment. Additionally, the builders will take care to provide the most peaceful environment for all the investments and future residents. The CCTV Cameras will most significantly improve the neighbourhood’s security system. Last but not least, security personnel will keep the area safe from any untoward incidents.

Why Invest in Faisal Town Islamabad?

Faisal Town Islamabad is a fantastic choice for those wishing to invest in property in Islamabad. The Rawalpindi Development Authority governs the community, but because it is in Islamabad’s F-18 Sector, it is a part of the CDA sector of Islamabad. The success of this venture is by the developers’ reputable reputation and track record of completing top-notch projects in Islamabad’s real estate market. Moreover, the home development is in an excellent location. And it will be 5 minutes from the airport in Islamabad and at the intersection of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Due to its current development, possession, and amenities, Faisal Town Islamabad is a fantastic investment opportunity. Furthermore, the society offers a highly safe atmosphere with all educational infrastructure, playgrounds, stores, and much more, making it an excellent place for families to live. Furthermore, it is simpler to go to and from Rawalpindi and Islamabad because of the low commute between the two cities.

 Another appealing feature of this prestigious home development will be the availability of a Metro bus service. The prices are rising daily, so it is an excellent short-term investment. However, this is probably the most reputable and trustworthy option if you want to invest for a shorter amount of time and double your money.


Q1. What is Faisal Town Islamabad?

It is an upcoming housing venture developing in the vicinity of Islamabad.

Q2. Where is the Location of the new Islamabad housing place?

Near the Fateh Jang Interchange on Motorway M-1 and the central Fateh Jang Road,

Q3. Will it be accessible and approachable for all?

It will have the highest accessibility available for all as it will be near the new Islamabad international Airport.

Q4. Is this a legal real estate endeavour?

Here are the legal proofs and numbers that will give confidence to all investors and future residents, RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-TAX-02/966, DD (EIA)/EPA/F-65(IEE)/2802/2014/579.

Q5. Who will be developing the lucrative housing project?

Zedem International Private Limited is constructing the residing space, and Chaudhry Abdul Majeed is the proprietor.

Q6. Are the prices range payable by all investors?

Yes, extraordinarily reasonable and payable property rates will cater for all investors.

Q7. Is this a worthwhile residing space to invest in to get a sustainable life?

The lucrative facilities will make the investment and living standards sustainable and worthy.