The Overseas Prime Block is the most premium residential venture. Overseas Prime Block has designed by Surbana Jurong, FDHL, and HRL to cater to the unique needs of Pakistanis residing abroad. The structure provides all the necessary conveniences in abundance. It is at the top point in the Capital Smart City and offers several first-rate amenities. Additionally, the housing units in this Overseas Block range from 7 to 40 Marla. 

Developers of the Block

This partnership between local and foreign real estate developers is a superb piece of art. Surbana Jurong, a Singaporean consultancy company, FDH, and HRL, two Pakistani real estate companies, are the developers of this Block. Therefore, these real estate firms are also the most renowned in Pakistan

Future Development Holdings Private Limited

Future Development Holdings Private Limited has excellent control and coordination compared to other well-known constructors. Modernizing and incorporating learned to cope into community lifestyles are goals of FDHL. While coming, FDHL has an inventive and exquisite style of living in mind while providing everyone with excellent customer care and thorough consultation. According to corporate law, FDHL is a company with the initial registration.

Surbana Jurong

Surbana Jurong is a Singaporean consultancy firm that has the opportunity to develop and build the Overseas Prime Block thanks to its great experience. The company has extensive expertise in planning and constructing structures.

Habib Rafique Private Ltd (HRL)

It is one of Pakistan’s leading construction firms and the nation’s largest infrastructure builder. HRL is well known for constructing some of Pakistan’s most excellent, illustrious apartment complexes. Due to its outstanding management, the firm has ISO 9000 certificate. Moreover, for the past 20 years, HRL has been a forefront innovator in the expansion of the lodging industry.

Location and Map

Given that it is elevated compared to other blocks and offers breathtaking views of the surroundings, including Margalla Hills, the Overseas Prime Block is in an excellent spot. Additionally, this  Block’s position on Google Maps. Further, this Block is ideally situated to provide connectivity from the main highways in twin cities. This Block is approachable from zero point Islamabad, Srinagar highway, Adiala road, Rawalpindi circular road, International Airport Islamabad, Motorway M2 and many more significant sites.

NOC Approval

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has authorized the Overseas Prime Block NOC. The local government RDA grants foreign and domestic companies permission to construct and supervise new housing societies according to their criteria. This process can take many years. Every time Capital Smart City Islamabad expands or adds new blocks, the land owners follow their legal mechanism and submit a new NOC.

Grand plan

The Overseas Prime Block master plan was conceptualized and designed by Surbana Jurong. FDHL and HRL are making it. The Block has considered Pakistanis living abroad, including the facilities they require. The Capital Smart City plan has also given us a sense of the enormous size of the residential area that is rapidly expanding in this area. The administration has also given several sectors names on Alphabets, including Sector from A to Sector M.

Available Plots

Buyers can choose between both residential and commercial pieces of land, respectively. The dwellings are between 1 and 2 Kanals and 7, 10, and 12 Marlas in size. In addition, 2.66 and 6 marlas made up the property portfolio used for commercial purposes. Additionally, there are outstanding overseas prime block properties for sale.

Payment Plan

Given its perks, the overseas Block’s payment schedule is relatively cheap. As a result, customers’ attention has primarily focused on payment arrangements. The most acceptable option to invest in or construct homes is with talented professionals with reasonable rates lists.

Residential payment plan

With a 10% down payment of 315,000 Pakistani rupees, the value of 5 marlas is 3,150,000 PKR. Plot confirmation costs 10%, or 315,000 Pakistani rupees, and in seven half-yearly payments of 180,000 rupees or 42 monthly instalments of 30,000 rupees.

With a 10% down payment of 425,000 PKR, the price of 7 marlas is 4,250,000 PKR. Therefore, the land’s 10% 425,000 PKR confirmation fee is payable in 7 half-yearly instalments of 242,715 PKR or 42 monthly instalments of 40,500 PKR.

The value of 10 marlas is 5,750,000 PKR with a 10% down payment of 575,000 Pakistani rupees. Therefore, the confirmation price for the plot is 10%, or 575,000 Pakistani rupees, payable in seven half-yearly payments of 330,145 PKR or 42 monthly payments of 54,500 PKR.

With a 10% down payment of 650,000 PKR, the value of 12 marlas is 6,500,000 PKR. As a result, the confirmation cost for the plot is 10%, or 650,000 PKR, payable in seven half-yearly instalments of 370,860 PKR or 42 monthly payments of 62,000 PKR.

With a 10% down payment of 955,000 Pakistani rupees, 1 Kanal is worth 9,550,000. As a result, the confirmation price for the land is 10%, or 955,000 Pakistani rupees, payable in seven half-yearly instalments of 546,025 or 90,900 rupees, or 42 monthly instalments.

With a 10% down payment of 1,870,000 Pakistani rupees, the value of 2 Kanal is 18,700,000 PKR. Therefore, the 10% confirmation fee for the land is 1,870,000 PKR, payable in seven half-yearly instalments of 1,069,140 PKR or 42 monthly instalments of 178,000 PKR.

Development Status

The developers are currently underdeveloping the Overseas Prime Block. The builders are also building all the infrastructure required to complete the project. The Block also includes a substantial area for conveniences, such as an outdoor play area, gardens, and other outdoor venues. Plots for purchase in Capital Smart City are valuable due to the city’s ongoing expansion.

Facilities in Overseas Prime Block

Significant development is one of the areas that shareholders are eager to see. The residential complex will provide its residents with unique, state-of-the-art amenities. In addition, the newly released presents exceptional steeply investment opportunities for businesses in the capital city.

  • Persistent safekeeping
  • Providing essentials (Water, Gas, Electricity)
  • Water drainage arrangement
  • Trash dumping
  • Cutting-Edge buildings
  • Hospital and Academic facilities.