Blue World City, a massive housing plan possessed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), is famous for Pak-China’s first collective housing plans founded by the Chinese.

This project is an exceptionally reasonable residential development developed by Chinese investors, with a moderate expense plan irrespective of its magnitude, creating it massive with investors. Additionally, its vicinity to twin cities makes the project very profitable.

The endeavour intends to develop into Pakistan’s new commercial hub. The leading property association identified this project as a Pak-China Goodwill City. This project is close to  CPEC, the Islamabad International Airport New, and also to  (M-2) Motorway. A Chinese venture constructed this housing scheme, which deals with a proposal for Pakistan people and Chinese manufacturers with contact with local and global clients.

Blue Group of Enterprises

The Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has given famous real estate financing proposals in Pakistan for almost two decades. Mr Saad Nazir has this project. Furthermore, the Blue Group of Companies is one of the vast groups in Pakistan, with an exceptional team of 300 people acquiring various strengths. The extraordinary excellence of builders is their innovation. BGC began work from Lahore in 1998. Similarly, it starts by providing its significant customers with architectural design & layout administrations, and they instantly achieve elite status in the real estate market.

The Organization currently cooperates with several companies to allow them to offer all potential solutions to their clients. Also, this involves obtaining a range of facilities from a particular source. It comprises real estate purchasing, development, and development. Moreover, the Company has built a marketing segment that contains merchants and fashion brands. They have a robust client satisfaction base due to their long-serving period.

Blue World City NOC

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved the Blue World City NOC. Therefore, the District Council Rawalpindi, according to their District Association Ordinance 2021, grants the Blue World city NOCs of all housing complexes. 

Blue World City Location Map 

The Chakri Interchange on the M2 Motorway, which runs from Islamabad to Lahore, is where Blue World City location map is. Therefore, it is established near Islamabad and Rawalpindi, granting accessibility to New Islamabad Airport. Furthermore, massive societies like Gulberg Green, Bahria Town, DHA and others will be twenty minutes away from Ring Road when it has finished.

General Entrance

The multiple points of Blue World City Rawalpindi are easily nearby by the Chakri road. Moreover, it is closest to well-established housing schemes such as DHA and Bahria Town Islamabad. This residential endeavour is thirty minutes from the airport and the highway.

Adjacent Societies

A few housing schemes in the nearby vicinity are the University Town,  the farms of Star Argo, and the other housing complexes like Capital Smart City,  the Top City, the  Mumtaz, City and the Khaniyal Homes.

Blue World City Master Plan

 A society  Blue World City has the potential to be a successful urban development project. An Institution for Creative Capabilities and Innovation must remain relevant across the project to produce the best outcomes. The procedures and signs of a sophisticated structure and an external and original plan. The residents’ living conditions will be noticeably better as a result. When they began the Blue World City Rawalpindi fundamental development technique, the property owners formed a secret club to produce excellent and efficient living situations. Additionally, it will foster

a collaborative and client-focused workplace environment due to the Blue world city Location.

According to the architect’s allocation of 5000 Kanal, it has become widely valued. Therefore, the property has equal-sized blocks. Farmhouses and industrial and residential areas are also part of the proposal. The society offers a variety of land sizes and different blocks.

Blue world City Blocks:

The society is split into numerous blocks, offering different land sizes.

  • General Block 

This Block has numerous phases 1,2,4, 5 and Hollywood Block. 

  • Waterfront District
  • Awami Residential complex
  • Overseas Block
  • Country Hills Farmhouses
  • Serene Villas

Awami Residential complex

Awami Residential Complex Islamabad is an affordable housing estate for middle-class and low-income families in the private sector. Moreover, Blue world city plots for sale are available.

The BGC-IGC Consortium favours walking a fine line between corporate and government work. Under the motto “A House for Every Family,” the Awami Residential Complex Islamabad is a serious attempt to address Pakistan’s housing problems by offering a high-end communal living at reasonable prices. Blue world city Awami block payment plan gives customers the most feasible payment plan.

 Awami Residential Complex Islamabad NOC Authorization

Awami Residential Complex is a residential complex that has received full approval. Accordingly, the Town Municipal Administration (TMA) has authorized the Awami Complex as a residential scheme. 

Awami Residential Complex Location

The Awami Residential Complex Islamabad is located at Blue World City’s most excellent spot along the Lahore–Islamabad Motorway (M2), making it simple to get from all the twin cities’ key essential locations. The amenities and facilities in ARC, a secured neighbourhood, offer a world-class community lifestyle. Additionally, the blue world city file price is also very reasonable.


  • Perfect position
  • Protected society
  • Monitoring system
  • Parks
  • Mosque
  • Zoo
  • Water purification facility

Blue world city Awami block payment plan

Blue World City General Block

The General Block of Blue World City depends heavily on General Block. Beautifully constructed General Block will provide an entire living at a reasonable price. The lifestyles of those who desire a comfortable though frugal living has been complemented by beautiful green playgrounds, wide roads, and a neatly set-out landscape ornamented with speed bumps, footpaths, street lights, and green space.

  • Convenient design plan
  • Gorgeous landscaping
  • Finest space consumption
  • Parks
  • huge roads

It suggests a 4-year blue world city instalment plan for premium 5, 8, 10, 1, and 2 Kanal plots. The blocks’ current location and architecture can promote investment and offer a wide range of amenities. Blue world city general blocks payment plans are appealing to its customers.

Blue world General block payment plan

General Block Balloted Sectors

Sectors 1, 2, 4, and 5 of the General Block were balloted for the first time last November. The total plot pricing, sizes, down payments, and instalment plans.

General Block Sector I, Blue World City Islamabad

Sector 1 of the Blue World City General Block is a fully advanced area. It has 5 and 10 marlas plots. Following is the price plan for this Block.

 Blue World city General Block  Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector-II,

Sector 2 is another balloted sector with distinct characteristics. The Block has 5 and 10 Marla plots available. Also, below is the price plan for this Block.

General Block Sector IV, Blue World City Islamabad

The General Block’s Sector IV is 125 square yards. It features an affordable price plan and a total instalment of up to 12 months. Following is the price plan for this Block.

General Block Sector V, Blue World City Islamabad

Sector V is yet another General Block sector. This Block offers residential plots of  500 and 100 square yards. Check on the price plan for this Block.

Overseas Block Of The Blue World City

 Blue World City Islamabad   Overseas Block offer opulent comforts to Pakistanis living abroad. However, the primary issue for Pakistanis living abroad is that they are unsure which real estate to engage in.

The community still provides Overseas Pakistanis with a once-in-a-lifetime investment option. A great pleasure that both you and subsequent generations can treasure is owning an authorized and legitimate business in your native country.

The overseas Block is just for individuals who belong to other countries and have a keen desire for sophisticated amenities. Nevertheless, there seems to be a restricted number of industrial plots available on a first-come, first-served approach. Blue world city overseas blocks rates are affordable for overseas Pakistanis.

The housing block has 7, 10 and 14 Marla, and the larger plots like 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal are also available. The two existing commercial plots are 5 Marla and 10 Marla. This prestigious association is owned by Saad Nazir and the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), growing to the highest level possible.

Overseas Block’s location

The Overseas Block is reachable by Chakri Road. Additionally, it has connected Motorway Islamabad to Lahore and Rawalpindi Ring Road. Due to its prime position, it drew a lot of customers.

Blue World City Overseas Blocks Master Plan

The ample facilities on the overseas Block make it an excellent residence option and gateway, even considering most of the essentials for a comfortable life. Also, to accommodate the inhabitants’ specific needs, an amusement area has been constructed specifically for its residents to relax during their evenings. Also, the blue world city overseas blocks payment plan is very reasonable for the investors.

In the Overseas Block, there is also a mini-golf club that attracts great interest from golf fans. A vast amount has also been earmarked for the country club, situated adjacent to a blue, green lake, offering a serene and appealing scene. The gallery and institution never seen before in any Pakistani residential community are noteworthy. Most importantly, the RDA approved  Blue world city NOC.

Relevant Aspects

The Overseas Block in Blue World City Islamabad provides a liveability full of top-notch amenities as listed below:

  • Advance modern technology protection facility
  • Education
  • Clinics
  • Mosque
  • Protected community
  • E- tag Facility

Overseas Block Payment Plan

Executive Block Of Blue World City

The Executive Block, along with many other blocks in Blue World City Islamabad, has grown in significance and appeal. The Executive Block, as the name suggests, is created especially for the executive category, with all the advantages. It is in a fantastic area and is readily available from numerous roads and urban centres. Moreover, the blue world city location is adjacent to the twin cities.

It represents the height of grandeur, convenience, and convenience. According to the planners, inhabitants in this region would have exposure to all primary and sophisticated amenities and will be able to enjoy enjoyable lifestyles fully.

Price Schedule

Blue World City Executive Block’s price schedule is incredibly cost-efficient. It gives its citizens the option to acquire the property of their desires. Also, this Block has a range of land sizes with a four-year straightforward price plan. In addition, the Block offers 5, 10 and 20 Marla land sizes. The plot sizes, as well as their payment plan with a 10% downpayment, are listed below:


The positive aspect of this Block is that registrations have been taken. The Overseas Executive Block is a beautiful building that caters to expatriates and overseas Pakistanis. The most noticeable aspect of this Block is that it is a dazzling addition to society’s blocks. The Overseas Executive Block extends the below residential land size:

7 Marla Plots (175 square yards)

Blue World City Hollywood Block 

 BWC debuted three years ago and has become one of Pakistan’s biggest popular cities.   Its authorities have already made the requisite land purchases. Even though work has always finished on time, the Blue World City property construction is doing well. When constructed, it will be the most fantastic project in Islamabad. It has also received a new block, the BWC Hollywood Block.

Blue World City created the Hollywood Block after the General, and Overseas Blocks achieved extraordinary success.

Hollywood Block’s location

Blue World City Islamabad’s location has previously been visible and noticeable. On the other side, the placement of the blocks and the architectural embellishment both increase their value. The Hollywood Block is situated ideally.

It is readily available from Gates 1 and 2 of Blue World City. Even so, this portion takes superiority over the General and Overseas Blocks. Hollywood Block has also positioned atop the magnificent hills. This Block offers the following land sizes 10 Marla plots, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal plots.

The cost of plots in the Hollywood Block is higher than properties in the previous Block. In addition, the project’s luxury features and perks drive up rates. 

Blue World City Islamabad Serene Villas

The land size and price schedule for Serene Villas Double Storey are following:

Orbital Apartments

The Orbital Apartments in Blue City provide a superior, comfortable living. However, if you want to enjoy breathtaking picturesque all day, there is no higher apartment choice in Pakistan than that one.

With global infrastructure investment, orbital apartments provide exquisite yet inexpensive housing possibilities. Therefore, the orbiting flats have been designed to be big, affordable residential units. 

Blue Hills Country Farms

There are 4, 8, 12 marlas and 16 Kanal plots, and their payment schedule is four years. However, the down payment is merely 15%, with only 40 monthly instalments starting.  In addition, the farms offer eight half-yearly instalments.

Waterfront District Blue World City

Who wouldn’t want to start waking up to the sight of the gorgeous blue ocean every day? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy your nights with your family at a floating cafe, seeing the dancing fountains? They offer innovative components in their society for the people, integrating all lifestyles pleasures. It has specifically developed to meet global requirements to provide a themed environment.


The magnificent Waterfront District of Blue World City is approximately 20 minutes from the New Islamabad Airport.

Essential Selling Qualities and Exceptional Aspects:

This Block contains the following facilities.

  • Cascades
  • Artificial lakes
  • an aquatic village
  • Water sports and activities
  • Floating eateries
  • Dancing fountains. 

Waterfront District

Blue World City’s Significant Attributes

The residential society exemplifies the best of Chinese engineers and architects. It has explicitly designed to suit the requirements of potential inhabitants while also providing assistance and value. The project has intended to provide housing for around 2 million Chinese workers who will be travelling to Pakistan in the coming years to work on the CPEC route.

The residential development is designed with global buildings and equipment in mind to meet the special residential needs of these immigrant workers. The housing project intends to improve Pakistani citizens’ living conditions while delivering top-notch amenities to Chinese inhabitants.


For the tenants, this project offers the following facilities

  • The Jamia Mosque, an impersonation of the Blue Mosque
  • The biggest themed Park
  • The Global model Foundation
  • The Power Plant
  • The Well-built roads
  • Police station 
  • Mass transportation system
  • Footpaths
  • Underground utility system
  • protection Facility
  • Boundary walls and gated society
  • hospitals 
  • educational institutions
  • Skilled management workforce
  • affordable housing choice
  • Well-organized drainage system
  • business hubs
  • lush green parks 
  • A different variety of domestic and commercial plots

Pakistan’s most prominent water amusement park

This Park includes Fun aquatic thrills, swings, water lakes, and a volcanic cascade constructed explicitly for a blue world city resident. 

Gated Neighborhood

Blue World City Islamabad would be utterly safe from outsiders. Only individuals with specified documentation will be authorized.

24/7 Protection

The staff is capable of providing severe treatment to its inhabitants. They will offer protection 24 hours a day and equip CCTV cameras.

Mosques in each Zone

A beautiful mosque will be built all over the area so that individuals can pray and fulfil their religious commitments.

Carpeted Roadways

These roadways will include concrete walkways and pavements for walkers and bicycles.

Public Transportation

The public transportation system is being planned for both internal and external travel.

Power station

The community is keen on its power plant to lessen the threat of load shedding and offer inhabitants affordable power.

Sports and Culture Center

In Blue World City, numerous cultural facilities will be constructed to amuse and encourage the range of cultures and extracurriculars in society.

Sewage Disposal

The society offers its residents a clean and environmentally friendly atmosphere, and sewage plants will be erected in the community.

Filtration facility

Blue World City is a self-sufficient corporation that will build purifier plants to provide clean drinking water to its citizens.


It is regarded as a significant source of pleasure. Blue World City will provide 3D Imax theatres to provide residents with the most cutting-edge innovation and leisure.

Expedition club

The group will form adventure clubs to bring people together through horseback skydiving, rappelling, climbing, and other activities.

Zoo Safari

An additional element of the community is creating a free-moving wildlife park with a diverse range of animals that will grab attention from all over the globe.

Spas and Swimming Reservoirs

Another feature the community wishes to provide its residents is the establishment of water activities in which they can receive services. 

Blue World City’s Newest Significant Progression

The work on the scheme has yet to begin. Therefore, the current societal major artery has been constructed. Saad Nazeer, the CEO of Blue World City, recently met with Mr Chang, an essential Chinese multi-floor apartment building creator, to examine the building of housing towers in this residential complex.

BWC Pak-China Friendly City

The scheme’s administration has inked an MOU with a Chinese building and design firm that will assist in developing the Pakistan-China enterprise. 

Chinese and Pakistani innovation

The community will be built with Chinese new tech and Pakistani experts. In addition, it will offer all international amenities to its residents, business and investment areas, residential areas, training, wellbeing centres, and amusement organizations, establishing the residential society as “A Pak-China Friendly Community.”

Nearby CPEC Route

The scheme’s location is close to the CPEC venture, which is a huge benefit. 

Chinese Building and Innovation

As a result, it has become a wonder of China-Pakistan relations.

Why Invest in Blue World City?

Society has been regarded as a reasonably priced residential complex. Therefore, a minimal expense, as well as a plethora of amenities, can be beneficial.

Most Economical & Suitable

The pricing provided seems the most reasonable and accessible compared to residential schemes. But, conversely, a scheme’s flexible payment plan allows those with limited incomes to offer luxurious housing for their households. Conversely, a scheme’s flexible payment plan allows those with limited incomes to provide luxury housing for their families.

Simple Payment schedule

It gives stakeholders a simple three- and four-year payment plan that is straightforward to administer.

Modern Amenities

The community will provide all types of energy, gas, and utility services. There are also entertainment venues such as movies and nightclubs.

Calm Atmosphere

The housing unit will allow you to live a comfortable life connected to nature. Also, the scheme has surrounded by lush greenery and a peaceful setting away from the busy metropolis. Moreover, it will offer a pollution-free, eco-friendly atmosphere for its residents. 

Economic Prospects

Industrial options, such as business avenues, elevated shopping centres, and amusement facilities, are particularly significant to architects since they will maintain adequate employment and prosperity in the community.

Highest Investment Return

Capital inflows have been low from the beginning of society. Therefore, investors will gain profit from its growth.

Documentation Prerequisite for A Reservation:

The criteria for booking are simple. Below are mentioned documents that are needed.

  • Two passport-size pictures of the investors
  • Two photocopies of the buyer ID Card
  • Two ID photocopies of the buyer’s next of Kin
  • Two photocopies of the overseas CNIC with all the details mentioned above


Q1: What is Blue World City, exactly?

It is a Rawalpindi housing complex located on Chakri Road.

Q2-Who is Blue World City’s investor and designer?

Blue World City’s owners are Saad Nazir. China’s Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Firm has been tasked with building it. 

Q3- Is Blue World City a legal society?

This residential project has received RDA approval.

Q4- When will construction begin, and how long would it take to complete the plan?

Development has begun, with the building work on the main gate and Main Boulevard almost finished. The land work has been initiated in the scheme, and land levelling has begun.

Q5-When will development activities begin, and how long would it have taken for the scheme to be wholly constructed?

The main gate and Main Boulevard development have begun and are nearly finished. Excavation work has started in a residential society, and ground flattening has already begun. According to the construction society’s timeline, it will be complete in 4 to 5 years.

Q6:  What does Blue World City offer to its investor?

Blue World City has many features, including the daily availability of essential utilities such as water, power, and gas. Additionally, the Blue world city NOC was approved, and this is a legal society.

Q7: Is there a payment plan available at Blue World City?

Yes, the residential society offers a reasonable and straightforward three-year and four-year simple instalment price schedule for the convenience of its residents

Q8: Does the scheme have any industrial properties accessible?

Yes, in today’s world, there are various industrial plots accessible. See the price plan attached to the blog above for further information if you skipped it.

Q9: Does the society contain a section for oversea Pakistanis?

There is an entire overseas block for oversea Pakistanis.

Q10:  How can Blue World City become a regional economic powerhouse?

The blue world City will become a shareholder’s wonderland due to the variety of employment and professional options afforded in society and the vicinity of the CPEC route.


A blue world city is a futuristic residential complex. When society has matured, prices may rise in one to two years, and this inexpensive pricing will no longer be possible. BWC’s key selling features include instalment price plans, convenience, and outstanding facilities. As a result, Lead Marketing strongly advises you to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime option to spend in this society.