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Best Societies in Pakistan on Installment 2022

Nobody on this planet would refuse to have a personal residence. Everyone wants to purchase a home, and they wish to choose the best option possible. As a result, making the correct choice at the appropriate time is critical when acquiring a home. But the key is whether the property one wishes to purchase also offers a specific financing plan and is affordable. Anyone would be perplexed and want to examine their expenses and bank balance to assess their economic strength.

Let us look at a handful of residential properties in Pakistan that offer affordable pricing and instalment plans. While many people desire to purchase a property, only a few accomplish this by making the right choice at the right time. People have various options to select from and pay their instalment costs over time.

It is impossible to acquire a beautiful home simply by looking at it. Purchasing a home in 2022 necessitates a buyer’s essential assets and financial capabilities, as well as whether the house you wish to buy satisfies your fiscal criteria. Lead Marketing will inform visitors today about the societies that offer the most fantastic instalment plans.

The best Best Societies in Pakistan

Some of the best societies in Pakistan concerning having an excellent instalment plan in 2022 are below:

Blue world city

Blue World City Islamabad is a new home complex on Chakri Highway near Lhr-Isb, motorway M2. The Blue World City incorporates urban features of international standards and living reconstructions of globally recognised sites. This housing complex is on its way to becoming a miracle in two of Pakistan’s main cities. The CPEC development and Islamabad’s newly completed airport has located near the housing project. Because of its location, Blue World City has relatively restricted access to the city, its environs, and the rest of Pakistan. Aside from being a suitable place, Blue World City is also the closest of all the new residential societies built near the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.   Due to its strategic location and cutting-edge infrastructure, this property will likely generate future financial returns.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom valley Islamabad is another housing society located near twin cities, making it an excellent real estate development venture. And Islamabad’s top housing society. Furthermore, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Noc is a critical component of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Another important factor is the Kingdom Valley location, which makes it an attractive investment option for inhabitants of the twin cities.

The payment plan for Kingdom Valley Islamabad is quite reasonable because the developers want to provide homes and ideal living conditions to all investors and inhabitants. Another helpful feature is an instalment plan, which encourages customers from varied socioeconomic backgrounds to invest here. 

New Metro City Gujar Khan

Gujar Khan’s rapid expansion as a prominent urban area may benefit investors due to the instalment plan it provides to its clientele. BSM Developer is building a new project named “New Metro City Gujar Khan.” Each development’s modern facilities and equipment are available at reasonable prices. The site of residential development is critical. As a result, this development has precisely formed the city’s most coveted and best position. It is near Rawalpindi on G.T. Main Road. There are additional side entrances from various roads. However, the direct access to New Metro City Gujar Khan is directly on G.T. Road. The major highways of the twin city area are easy to reach to New Metro City Gujar Khan.

This organisation provides an excellent environment in which to live and thrive. The essential public utilities and commercial facilities are easily accessible due to the area’s outstanding connectivity and availability. In addition, this housing association is notable for its handy location and low cost.

Seven Wonders City Islamabad

 Seven Wonders is a perfect opportunity  For investors from the twin cities. Furthermore, the builders are well-known for their commitment and hard effort in providing the most excellent services to investors. Moreover, location is essential in this real estate project development. The ISB-LHR Motorway, Islamabad Airport, China – Pakistan economic corridor, and Fateh Jung are all nearby. Each of these factors combines to make it an attractive real estate property, and the value of the venture will rise owing to its proximity to the CPEC route. Furthermore, the developers will shortly be granted legal standing by the Tehsil Municipal Authority

Citi Housing Kharian

The well-known Citi Housing society in Kharian is a forerunner in offering a privileged life with premier residential and commercial practice. Citi Housing Kharian requires no explanation because the owner of City Housing is so well renowned for the concept, execution, and management of its infrastructure improvements.

Citi Housing Kharian is yet another fresh new project from the founders of Citi housing development that is equally rewarding for buyers and investors. This housing Society has to offer Gujarat a contemporary standard of living. Citi Housing Kharian offers residential properties and investment buildings with a higher profitability ratio, making it a great investment prospect.

Park View City

An essential component is the Park view city location, which is adjacent to Bani Gala. Furthermore, it is Islamabad’s best housing society. Bahria Enclave and Serena Hotel Rawalpindi are also close. Moreover, the Park View City financing plan is the most appealing component for all investors because it is inexpensive and an easy installation option given to customers.

Rudn Enclave Islamabad

The Rudn Enclave is one of Islamabad’s best-known societies. The purpose of this project would be to establish a benchmark in the marketplace of housing societies by integrating a modern, environmentally conscious style of life. Additionally, with the surge in population and worries about individuals having a better level of living, this housing complex is generating not only a new view but also excellent amenities. The society’s site is also great, as it provides a sparkling and gaze appeal to nature, providing the people with a captivating picture of rushing water and beautiful nature. The owners, architects, and developers that serve as the backbone of a functioning plan have joined forces to bring a degree of quality and expertise to this one-of-a-kind housing project. It also gives people the potential to earn significant returns on their investments so they can invest without hesitation.

This society’s payment plan includes residential plots of various sizes, including 5, 7, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal plots. Aside from that, the dimensions of the commercial properties offered by the society include 4, 8, and 1 Kanal. In addition, the instalment plan is for four years, which means that consumers may easily be able to invest by making easy instalments.

Taj Residencia

The amenities available can entice anyone to consider setting up their dream property in this community. The builders place a high value on luxuriousness and comfort. Owners who want to improve their life quality and pay in instalments can consider investing in this housing scheme. This society’s instalment plan has a variety of residential plot sizes varying between 10 and 14 marlas. In addition, there is a combination of variables to Kanal plots of 1 and 2 Kanal sizes. The investment and instalment plan Are also excellent. The monthly instalment plan requires only 20% of the initial down payment.

Silver City Islamabad

The Silver City Islamabad Financing Plan is also very reasonable, and anyone can afford it. As a result, it is the premium residential society in Islamabad. In addition, an instalment programme will be available. Additionally, to help investors, the residential complex provides 48 monthly and four annual instalments. Moreover, the silver city is well-known for its master plan, which comprises many blocks and plots to meet the needs of investors.

Nova City

Nova City Islamabad is another housing society offering the most modern and elegant residential areas. Nova City has built with all its inhabitants’ everyday necessities in mind. Society’s creators wish to construct extravagant, trying to cut domestic housing complexes where people can live comfortably and use top-notch services and facilities. Investors are interested in this condominium complex because of its outstanding investment ideas and ideal spot.

This group also provides an instalment plan for those who do not want to strain their savings. The plot sizes range between residential and commercial sectors. Only a 20% nonrefundable deposit is required per month to invest in this fantastic housing scheme.



These are several premium residential societies in Islamabad for investment in real estate on instalment 2022. Furthermore, all pertinent information provides investors with an idea. The best advantage of these real estate construction projects is reasonable, with the option of an instalment plan. Moreover, the location and amenities provide all investors with high-end living standards, making them the most acceptable residential society in Islamabad. Most important, the grand plan is one-of-a-kind, with different plots and blocks available to meet the requirements of the investors. In addition, the housing societies will supply all fundamental necessities such as electricity, water, and gas, educational institutions, hospital units, Masjid, malls, supermarkets, and amusement parks.


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