Benefits of Investing in Commercial Plots

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Plots

The initiative can benefit Gujar Khan’s fast development as a prominent metropolitan city. “New Metro City Gujar Khan” is a residential project by BSM Developer. The development’s most recent amenities and facilities are also reasonably priced. Moreover, most properties have reserved for promoting sustainable public spaces and recreation areas. The best part is that they have formed superlative conveniences contributing to stakeholders’ highest maintenance. Furthermore, the housing costs will be reasonable, allowing investors from various economic sectors to participate.

Owners and Developer

This residential plan, which BSM Developers are building, is owned by Bilal Bashir Malik. Besides, the creators have noted their work skills and gorgeous residential buildings in New Metro City. Additionally, the experts are renowned for their dedication and ability to create high-quality assignments. And it is for this determination that stakeholders have by now placed their trust in this household development. Finally, investment here will empower people to have an elevated lifestyle.

NOC Progress

The residential project has all the conveniences to provide stakeholders with the most excellent experience possible. Furthermore, the NOC is a critical aspect that all stakeholders search for before making any significant estate acquisition. As a result, the developers will gain legal recognition from the appropriate authorities shortly.

Location & Map

Most significantly, the location of any residential complex is crucial. Consequently, this structure has become the city’s best desirable and outstanding site. It has located near Islamabad on the major GT Highway. The direct entry to New Metro City Gujar Khan is via Grand Trunk road, but there are many secondary ways.

New Metro City Gujar Khan is convenient because it is close to the busiest routes in the twin cities area. This community offers an ideal environment that is safe and developed. Because of the region’s high interconnectedness and affordability, all necessary services and commercial assets are commonly accessible.  Furthermore, this is a lucrative investment choice for those looking for a friendly lifestyle near Rawalpindi. This housing development stands out owing to its close vicinity and affordable cost.

Commercial Area

New Metro City Gujar Khan has launched another unique new commercial plot sale, spurring interest in the twin cities real estate industry. Because this is the first commercialized release in New Metro City Gujar Khan, numerous shareholders are anxious to capitalize on this opportunity.

This commercial model lacks specific price levels and tale sizes. Nevertheless, we shall give estimated costs that the property investment salespeople distribute. Commercial plots are also necessary for investors to thrive monetarily. Furthermore, the creators are keen to provide the ideal existence to all residents. Therefore, though not formally confirmed, the extra plot sizes are anticipated to be included in the significant commercial plot spacing of 2.66 and 5 Marla.

 New Metro City Commercial Plots at Unexpected times, with  Payments and Final Price, Announced Soon Some dealers are currently booking at a loss and claiming that they will offer commercial bookings even if earnings grow when company forms have gained.

Payment plans

The payment plans are flexible for their investors. For example, the price of the 2.66 Marla commercial plot is 4,750,000 PKR/- with a downpayment of 950,000 PKR/-. The confirmation fee after the booking is 290,000 PKR/-after sixty days. Additionally, there are easy 30 monthly instalments of 59,000 PKR/-

The price of the 5 Marla commercial plot is 9,750,000 PKR/-. The down payment is 1,750,000/-. After 60 days of the booking, the confirmation fees would be 490,000 PKR/-. There are 30 monthly instalments of  155,600 PKR/-

Why Invest In the Commercial Area

 Real estate investors are intrigued about the ideal location of New Metro City Gujar Khan. The expenses are cheap at commencement and to exceed quadruple throughout the next several years. The concept of this commercial area is to consider all of the essential features of a lovely home. Furthermore, New Metro City boasts numerous good public infrastructure, giving it a wonderful place to live.

Reputable developers

BSM has a very well stellar reputation in the real estate industry. Mr Bilal Malik, a well-known businessman, is the Chairman of this company. They’ve used to have a lot of great results. They have the skills and experience to see this current initiative through to completion. The developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan have your heart in the right place, so you don’t have to be concerned about consistency or employability.

Flexible Payment Plan

BSM’s goal in this endeavour is to keep costs as low as feasible. Furthermore, anyone can reap the benefits of this investment opportunity in this residential building. Therefore, while prices are rising, now is the time to get involved in Gujar Khan’s New Metro City.

Ideal vicinity

This Commercial Area has located on GT Road, which connects twin cities. As a result, individuals in both regions will have easy access to it. Furthermore, New Metro City Gujar Khan is likely to catch the attention of many relevant parties due to its ideal location and ease of access.

Basic Facilities

The Owners are doing everything possible to ensure the sustainability of this effort. They provide all of the essential comforts for an up-to-date metropolis. A trade centre, educational services, amusement parks, medical centres, and numerous more attractions are available. With all these traits, it’s easy to see why this housing development is an excellent investment opportunity.

Secured neighbourhood

The developers are constructing a private residence for all investors. Furthermore, there are security cameras to record important events in the area. Moreover, security officers will guard Society to avert any aggravation from happening. As a result, development here has required to achieve stable life quality.

Features in the Commercial Area

New Metro City Gujar Khan’s architects provide many benefits to prospective inhabitants

  • Mosque
  • Academic Institutes
  • Medical facilities
  • Vehicles parking Areas
  • Community Centres
  • Inclusive roads
  • Park and Playgrounds
  • Athletic Complex

Development Status

This scheme’s development phase is off to a good start, and the pace is rising. Furthermore, it will have an impact on future prices. A few critical developments will cause real estate prices in this venture to increase quickly. Consequently, now is an opportunity essential to purchase in this Society to gain substantial returns rapidly.


To summarise, this home design is a beautiful place to start assisting the people of Gujar Khan. However, the New Metro City Gujar Khan is an excellent purchase due to the requirements above and the developer’s accessibility. One of the Society’s huge benefits is its location, which makes it one of the most approachable in Gujar Khan for people to reach there swiftly. This housing Complex, on the other hand, covers a diverse range of features and conveniences, including water system, fuel, and electricity, which are requirements for every resident. As a result, purchasing this design for home or business use is the best option.