Awami Block Blue World City

Awami Complex Blue World City is an example of how to create architecture for a civilization with high-quality architectural responsibilities to support its residents’ socioeconomic standing. This conveniently accessible complex’s only goal is to enable the community’s residents to live in excellent conditions within a realistic time frame to benefit the middle class.

Awami Residential Complex, a privatized minimal-cost housing project for middle-class and low-income people, stands side by side with the Pakistani  Ex-Prime Minister and his ambition for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program.

The sale of Awami Residential Apartments will follow a predetermined quota. Therefore, this residential project also aims to be a humanitarian real estate venture. Additionally, in the residential project, 50% of flats are set aside for state employees, 40%  of the property is for the general public, and 10% is for widows and retirees.

Developers and Onwers

The Awami Block Blue World City is the collaboration between the Blue Group of Companies, the Imperium Group of Companies and The IGC-BGC firms. In 1989, the Blue Group of Companies had founded. At first, the business had its headquarters in Lahore and only offered building and architectural services. The Imperium Group of Companies began in 1999, and since then, it has flourished to become a notable building and real estate firm. Due to its current commitment to its field and arduous effort, it is well-known throughout Pakistan. Local and overseas professionals are working for this global development of real estate enterprise. The IGC-BGC group of firms has developed into Pakistan’s extremely fast conglomerate. It consists of a sizable number of businesses that offer knowledge in specific real-estate-related disciplines. The consortium comprises domestic and foreign companies from the Mideast and North America.

Location of Awami Residential Block

The Awami Residential Complex is easy to approach from Islamabad and Rawalpindi sites due to its position at Blue World City’s central place along the Motorway M2. Moreover, the conveniences and features of the friendly neighbourhood of ARC provide a top-notch communal lifestyle.

NOC Status

The RDA initially gave the corporation planning permission for about 427 Kanals. After some time, RDA approved the expansion of 5,000 Kanals of land. The RDA took months to review the appeal before August 2018. This new approval for phase 1 includes 5000 Kanal. For the time being, it is pending NOC permission for its expansion area.

Master Plan

The Awami Residential Complex encourages the former PM of the Pakistan Housing Program by extending affordable accommodation for revenue families such as middle and low-class individuals.

Available property in Awami Residential Complex

The Awami residential complex is a development designed for the accessibility of middle-class society. Moreover, accommodation units vary from 3-4.5 marlas, as well as cottages of distinct sized. There are numerous sizes of accommodations in this Block, like Studio apartments, family apartments of 1 bed and flats of 2 bedrooms.

Payment plans

The  Awami residential block in Islamabad provides 3 or 4.5 marla plots with a reasonable payment plan.

The overall cost of the three marlas is 690,000 PKR, with a deposit of 59,000 PKR and forty monthly payments of 6,900 PKR or eight half-yearly payments of 40,013/PKR.

The overall cost of the 4.5-marla plot is 875,000 Pakistani rupees, with a reservation fee of 87,500 and monthly payments of 8,750.

Significant highlights of the Block

Awami Residential Block is noteworthy for delivering commodities and essential services at reasonable expenses. Furthermore, the Block creator is devoted to providing the best amenities to all its tenants.

Gated community

The complex’s management takes special defence and welfare precautions for its inhabitants. All the magnificent indulgences are worthless if society is insecure. Therefore, security is one of an accommodation complex’s most significant selling elements. The Awami residential complex has a limited perimeter, video surveillance, and tightly guarded entry points, so constantly scrutinized.

Daily utilities

Residential properties could not function, lacking basic amenities. Therefore, the developer of a block makes extra measures to guarantee the constant supply of the necessary commodities to ensure that the inhabitants of Awami have access to enough power, gas, water, and storage.


Masjids are in the Awami residential block because Masjids significantly influence Muslims’ livelihood. In addition, they inspire the inhabitants to practise their religion vigorously.

Play Ground and Parks

The lovely parks and playgrounds in the Awami residential block permit people to consume treasured time with each other. There are also serene cinemas so adults and children can have some leisure time.

Educational Institutions

There is no denying the significance of academic institutions to the community. The designers and contractors also concentrated on developing a world-class learning environment for the kids.

Healthcare facilities

The Block has a hospital for society’s wellness. Therefore, the finest resources and tools are available at the upcoming healthcare facility to help patients and deal with societal crises.

Jungle Safari

The Block has a Safari, which is another exclusive. It will expand knowledge by safe driving where dangerous creatures can wander without restrictions. The wildlife park will also introduce a wide variety of wildlife species from throughout the globe.

Why invest in Awami Residential Block

There are the top residential investments. This fantastic house complex has all these housing components in perfect locations. Additionally,  its infrastructure meets worldwide requirements. Therefore, it is one of the premium residential investment opportunities.


The Awami housing complex has jointly designed by Pakistan’s large construction firms and the Chines construction firm. Think through economic conditions, the neighbourhood’s costs will rise quickly. The housing project provides the perfect environment for consumers from the middle and lower middle classes to invest in the twin cities.