Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon City Islamabad is a well-designed, contemporary, and roomy neighbourhood. This location is jam-packed with top-notch amenities, signifying a cosy and perfect environment where both primary and cutting-edge conveniences are accessible and not far from your home. Everything is prepared and kept up so that your requirements and needs have been met within going over the budget. The greatest, safest, most comfortable residential area creates a stress-free lifestyle away from busy surroundings

ZKB Builders has constructed the residential Society known as Avalon City Islamabad. The residential development is adjacent to the Islamabad Motorway M2 and Chakri Road.   Avalon City works hard to fulfil all requirements to receive the required NOC permissions from the relevant agencies and has been recognized as a legitimate residential complex. Unheard of in twin cities, the best housing options will be available in this Society. The residential development’s most vital plus point will likely be its high-tech characteristics.

Onwers and Developers

The best is behind Avalon City, which has run by the state governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail. Moreover, he is the CEO and proprietor of Avalon City Islamabad.

ZKB Developers are the exclusive builders for this Society. The company is well known in property construction for accomplishing numerous initiatives. The creators remain standing for achieving projects on time and to the guaranteed principles. Zahir Khan & Brothers, a distinguished building company, founded over forty years ago, has created a solid relationship with Pakistan’s infrastructure developments. The company primarily worked exclusively in Baluchistan at its establishment. Furthermore, they have broadened their activities throughout the country over time.

NOC Status

The RDA will shortly accept the Avalon City Islamabad NOC. The development team works hard to fulfil all prerequisites to receive proper permission from appropriate agencies.

Location and Map

This residential Society has located adjacent to the Islamabad Motorway and Chakri Highway, which is the centre of many commercial and residential property initiatives. The fact that the community is undergoing several renovations shows how highly invested and prosperous this location is. There are recreational and entertainment alternatives nearby, and the main roadways have connected to this location. Extensive, beautiful grounds encircle this location, and it is accessible to the largest shopping centres and business regions, contributing to its allure. This residential Society is neighbouring many magnificent residential projects like Capital Smart City, Blue World City, Prime City, and many more.

Master Plan

The housing complex has situated in one of the most prominent areas in the capital city Islamabad and spans a five thousand Kanal territory. A flawless civilization where individuals can thrive with aristocracy and elegance has been created by combining massive, one-of-a-kind features. It’s a fantastic concept where individuals may access upscale lifestyle and business options thanks to Society’s meticulous planning. The distinctive construction, extensive list of top-notch facilities, and state-of-the-art technology give the area a distinct feel that fosters a strong camaraderie among its inhabitants.

The housing properties available in the range of three, five, seven and ten marlas and the more extensive and beautiful plot for housing of one Kanal are also available in the market. The commercial properties in the neighbourhood range from 2,4, and 8 marlas.

Payment Plans

For its customers, the Society has created the most alluring financing schedule. Residential and business plots are available in this neighbourhood at various pricing points. One can reserve this plot with a specific amount of down money and an easy 3-year instalment plan. Ten per cent of the overall price is expected at this Society’s registration. The residence property payment plan has begun.

Amenities and Services

At reasonable prices, this Society offers contemporary amenities and services. But, of course, any luxurious, innovative multidisciplinary development mentioned as a total property project includes the infrastructure.

Sustainable Environment

This residential project promises to provide environmentally sustainable, close-to-nature lifestyles with all the modern conveniences. The intimate proximity to the natural environment will offer an individual experience unmatched in the country.

Constant provision of Essentials

The project has considered the locals’ essential water, gas and electricity requirements. For this purpose, the administration has built massive quantities of water tanks used as storage tanks that the inhabitants can use for everyday household tasks. Moreover, the neighbourhood is a no-load shedding zone for electricity and gas supply.

Business Hub

The builders have managed all business and economic needs.  This housing scheme will present a complete commercial area as a consequence. Moreover, the inhabitants can satisfy all of the development’s business requirements from these locations.

Safe and Secured Neighbourhood

A residential venture demands a perception of safety. Therefore, people are protected entirely by a surveillance system with carefully placed  CCTV cameras and other tracking devices. In addition, the project has enclosed a perimeter wall with something like a bulletproof mechanism to guarantee a safer environment.

Business Opportunity

Investment in this Society is the opportunity to retain the price of investment high and prevent it from depreciating if a customer has some spare money or some assets and desires to maintain the high worth of such assets. An individual may easily acquire reliable revenue by financing in real estate. For example, one could purchase a house, build it, or purchase a constructed property, then rent it out monthly or yearly. Furthermore, the rent payment grows by a specific amount annually, so it is fair to claim that it is enhancing more readily than left fixed.

Significant Features

The significant features and advantages of Avalon City Islamabad are a few of its distinctive characteristics. According to what this Society promises,

  • Computerized Traffic Management
  • Automated Service industries
  • 3D Movie Theather
  • Solar Streetlight
  • Free Wifi
  • Electrical Motorbikes
  • Metro Bus
  • Simulated Centers
  • Face recognition System
  • Commercial Hub
  • Silicon Valley
  • Hotel Chains & Eateries
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Botanical Garden
  • Gymnasium & Wellbeing centers

Why invest in Avalon City Islamabad

Directors, builders, and architects rank at the top of a shareholder’s attraction list. Imran Ismail, a former governor of Sindh, owns this residential, which ZKB Developers built and has created under Urban Solutions Private Limited.

The second factor is the placement and cost. Avalon was constructed with a budget and is situated strategically on the famous Chakri Highway, close to the Chakri Junction.

Features and pleasures include highly technological and outstanding elements in the neighbourhood. Prospective investors invest in Society and expect an excellent Return on Investment.

How to book plot in the Society

You can obtain a registration form for purchasing a property from Society’s online webpage or administration. First, however, you must submit the necessary paperwork and your applications.

  • 2 Photocopies of CNIC
  • 2 Photocopies CNIC of following relatives
  • Photocopies of deposit receipts
  • Two passport-size new Photographs


  • Famous builders
  • Renowned engineers
  • Perfect position
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ultra-innovative luxuries
  • High technology conveniences
  • Contemporary design architecture


  • Under development
  • Assessment of soaring values


The Avalon city Islamabad is an intentionally technologically advanced housing property where each element will have managed with high-tech amenities like face recognition and a constant power supply. Moreover, the neighbourhood has solar street lights, AI security cams, holographic and 3D  cinemas, and Wifi hubs. In addition, this Society Pakistan’s pioneering tech city is a gentle caress for investment. The residents have entry to various technological aspects that deliver all-inclusive explanations. These features make it easier for locals to complete their daily tasks.


Q 1: What sets this residential Society apart from other housing initiatives?

A 1: This housing complex is a multi-utility project created to provide residents with a distinctive style of living at a reasonable price. Its creation has received the full attention of a team of professionals, including designers and other team members with decades of combined experience.

Q 2: Is Society a reasonably priced real estate venture?

A 2:Yes, without question, thanks to the straightforward ideas for this home construction instalment. The administration has been instrumental in striking a balance between budget and grandeur.

Q 3: How can the registration in the Society have tracked?

 A 3: You can follow up on your reservation by approaching the administration.

Q 4: Where is this Society located?

A 4: This residential complex has situated near the Islamabad Motorway on Chakri Highway.

Q 5: Is this project within the NOC authorized?

A 5: The Rawalpindi Development

Authority will soon authorize this Society’s NOC.