About North Properties

North Properties is a real estate marketing business run by professionals in the field in Pakistan.


North Properties deals with top real estate projects in Islamabad / Rawalpindi and all of Pakistan. Our real estate company based in Islamabad working since 2016.

We deal with or consult the best residential, commercial, and housing projects around the top cities of Pakistan.

We aspire to provide well-grounded and reliable real estate consulting services to our customers.

North Properties offer a variety of programs for cost-effective opportunities and the betterment of your future. It’s been years since we stepped into the real estate industry. Our topmost priority is our customer’s priority, and to achieve that, we can go above and beyond

About Us

We promote several well-known developments in Islamabad, and our investors can take advantage of Pakistan's best real estate investment prospects. Our real estate professionals, who have ten years of working experience, are available to advise you on your future investment and provide you with all the pertinent data and numbers. So let go of your concerns! Our experts will give you a cost-benefit assessment and return on investment whenever you need a review of profit growth in the future. Make sensible choices regarding your real estate investment, as property never loses value even as its price and worth rise over time.

North properties One of the most significant real estate firms are allowing international investors to make better purchases by highlighting current and upcoming notable projects. In addition, our asset management team will give you expert advice on your real estate investment if you choose to invest in it and keep it for a specific amount of time. We have an official partnership with some of the real estate projects of Pakistan: Lahore smarty city, capital smarty city, 1947 housing society and blue world city.


We are one of the leading real estate firms operating in Pakistan since we use our knowledge, deep understanding, and advertising strategies to attract local and international clients interested in property sales in Pakistan.

Our sales department answers our valued customers’ questions regarding various projects and offers real estate statistics. The newest information on all ongoing development projects in Pakistan is provided to our customers by our Seo Experts, Content Writers, Marketing department, and Designers.

Moreover, we are marketing real estate investment in Pakistan along with the advertising department. We offer our customers asset advisory services because we want them to make informed investment decisions.

Also, we offer a list of all the benefits and drawbacks of real estate projects in Pakistan. Then, based on a plot’s size and the housing society it is a part of, North Properties asset management facilities forecast its sales and profits.

The professional code of ethics, which is founded on “Sincerity, Reliability, and Loyalty,” is carefully adhered to by the North Properties team. We concentrate on prioritising the demands of the clients before our own. We put ourselves in the client’s position and give them the opportunity for the most significant real estate investment in Pakistan to satisfy their needs. We use contemporary communication methods to communicate with our foreign customers in this digital age, giving them a virtual reality experience of our office and the residential society they would like to invest in.


To become a premier real estate company in Pakistan.


By putting our customers’ needs ahead of ours, we can provide them with the best buying and selling opportunities. In addition, we uphold a quality reputation of integrity and ensure all our customers invest in real estate wisely.

Our core values are Trust, Commitment, Integrity, Transparency, Determination, and Passion to fulfill our promises toward our stakeholders and our respected clients.