1947 Housing Islamabad housing Society is a unique residential complex in Islamabad that meets all of the needs of its clients and residents. Furthermore, the 1947 Housing Islamabad NOC will soon be approved. This residential complex also has a one-of-a-kind master design with various amenities. 1947 housing Islamabad payment plans are also very reasonable, attracting investors from all economic categories. The  1947 housing Islamabad has linked the previous generation to the new generation. This society gives its residents to feel attached to their roots, making this housing scheme different from other housing societies. To rebuild our society’s cultural values and traditions, the developers had a distinctive approach to property development.

Developer and owner

1947 Housing Islamabad was developed and designed by “Sigal Developers”. They are one of the most persistent companies providing top-quality construction services. Regarding real estate services such as construction and development, the Sigal Group is unrivalled. Sigal Development is working hard to build a recognisable structure with a reliable infrastructure. The amenities provided by the society create world-class living standards for its clients and residents. The 1947 housing Islamabad payment plan is also very reasonable, attracting investors from all economic categories. The Sigal developer has a team of qualified experts who implement the 1947 Islamabad master plan to its finest.

They’ve also completed some notable real estate projects and are working on the following ones.

  • Muree oaks
  • MS tower Lahore
  • Sigal Villas and Row apartments
  • 1947 housing society

1947 Housing Islamabad location:

The residential scheme is positioned in the middle of the renowned upcoming projects that will rapidly become a new urban hub.
The society is strategically situated near the G.T and the Islamabad Expressway. Moreover, it is only a 15-minute drive from the Chakri Road Motorway. Furthermore, it provides access to multiple regions

 1947 housing Islamabad Master Plan

This residential complex’s master plan calls for 8000 Kanal land development. The master of Block A  has four Mohallas at the same time. Furthermore, all of the societal blocks are in position amid natural landscapes. Additionally, the water parks, pounds, and cafes contribute to the value of this residential community. The industrial and residential amenities are the same in all sectors from A to M. The owners are currently working on a map for Mohalla Liaquat Ali Khan. Mohalla Cap, Madr-e-millet Fatima Jinnah, and Mohalla Nawab Waqar ul Mulk are the other three mohallas in sector A. The society provides the mohallas feature because it is exclusive, and inhabitants feel like they live in a single-family home

1947 Housing  Islamabad Sectors


The owners of the housing society developer divided the plan into sectors for the convenience of its tenants. As a result, the living space has split into 13 sectors. Every block of this society offered unique amenities per its investor’s needs. After making a 30% deposit, individuals can book and select the land of their choice. The various sectors are listed below

  1. Sector A
  2. Sector B
  3. Sector C
  4. Sector D
  5. Sector E
  6. Sector F
  7. Sector G
  8. Sector H
  9. Sector I
  10. Sector J
  11. Sector K
  12. Sector L
  13. Sector M

1947 housing Islamabad Payment Plan


Land cost is another important consideration, as everyone compares costs before purchasing. The owners want to provide their residents with a friendly lifestyle at a low price. As a result, persons from all socioeconomic groups can benefit, and the initial cost of land ranges from 1,090,000 to 3,600,000 PKR. Similarly, the society offers a wide choice of plot sizes to attract many investors. The payment plant also has an instalment option, which will increase the customers’ and new residents’ pushing power. To commence the buying activity, investors must submit a down payment of 10,000 PKR, plus a processing fee.

1947 housing Islamabad Residential Plots


Residential land is an essential part of every real estate house development. Moreover, these lands are also obtainable at a reasonable p. Additionally, various residential plot sizes are available to fulfil the needs of the individuals who live in this community. Therefore, the housing unit offers multiple land sizes such as 5,8,10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

1947 housing Islamabad commercial plots


Commercial plots are available to help buyers develop their businesses. In addition, industrial properties are available at moderate prices. The residential scheme also proposes an instalment plan, creating it even simpler for the investors. Also, this society offers commercial plots of 3 Marla & 5 marlas.


This residential society provides a variety of lodging options. A few of them are listed below.

  • Educational Institutions
  • Ideal Location
  • Health Institutions
  • Shopping Malls
  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Modern Waste Disposal System
  • Industrial Zones
  • Protected Society

Customer services

The society provides various low-cost services, some of which are listed below.

Essential requirements

The society’s proprietors hope to provide all of the investors’ necessities. In addition, to create comfortable living conditions. Furthermore, utilities such as water, electricity, and gas will be cheap compared to other societies.

Corporate expectations

The residential complex includes industrial plots to help society’s residents become financially self-sufficient. Moreover, various land sizes are available at a low price to aid those who live in the community.

Gated Society

Protection is a must-have for buyers who want to ensure their safety. In addition, society has a CCTV system for monitoring the housing scheme’s activities.

Medical facilities

Society constructs medical healthcare and recruits expert staff to care for the residents.

Why invest in 1947 housing Islamabad?


The residents of the society benefit from the residential complex in various ways. Moreover, the residential complex has an excellent location. Additionally, the housing master plan is dedicated solely to ensuring that the persons in this scheme have a secure living environment. More outstandingly, it will be obtainable at an inexpensive cost.


The residential complex is in the best vicinity of Islamabad. Moreover, the society master plan contains the project’s world-class services for residents. Also, the society’s pricing structure caters to all socioeconomic groups in the neighbourhood. As a result, investing in this society will be profitable.


Q1. What is the position of the 1947 residential complex?

The Charki interchange route M-2 Motorway is near the residential society.

Q2. Is this a registered housing society?

The RDA will soon approve the NOC for this residential scheme.

Q3. Is this a budget-friendly residential complex?

The society provides a cost-effective plan to tackle the needs of all socioeconomic groups in the community.

Q4. Does the society provide an instalment plan?

Society provides buyers with flexible payment plans according to their requirements.

Q5. Is investing in this 1947 housing in Islamabad profitable?

Yes!! This society provides numerous accommodations like it has residential as well as commercial plots, making this project extremely profitable.